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After a year of traveling the world with my wife, we recently settled in Saint Louis, Missouri where I started working for myself, exploring business ideas in the world of cryptocurrencies. Previously I used to work for Google in Mountain View, CA as an Information Security Engineer. I graduated in 2003 from EPITA (École Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées), a computer science school located near Paris, France. I am passionate about: computer and network security, reverse engineering, security vulnerability research and exploitation, high-performance computing, GPGPU, assembly optimization, free and open source software, Unix kernels internals, decentralized cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), entrepreneurship, angel investing, etc.


Papers and Articles

[md5-amd64] MD5 optimized for AMD64
[shellcode-amd64] A Short Shellcode for AMD64
[rc4-amd64] RC4 implementation for AMD64

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+1.310.254.8705 (cell)

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