Geronimo is a free Unix/Win32 Netsoul client released under the GNU General Public License. Netsoul is a protocol (developed and used at Epita-Epitech) for instant messaging and user authentication. Geronimo can run either on internal Epita-Epitech users accounts (NetBSD hosts only) or on external hosts (at home, in labs, etc).

Geronimo is portable, and has been reported to work on FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD -- Win32 is somewhat more experimental. Actually, the ``Geronimo'' package consits of a core module that implements the Netsoul protocol and of two frontends using this core:

Last CVS version:

$ env CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -z3 co geronimo

There is also a CVS Web interface .

Last Release:

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