Some of my open source software projects.


SILENTARMY is a Zcash miner for Linux with multi-GPU and Stratum support. It is written in OpenCL and has been tested on AMD/Nvidia/Intel GPUs, Xeon Phi, and more. I initially wrote it as a command line solver for the Zcash open source miner challenge, and later expanded it into a full-featured miner.


hdminer is a Bitcoin GPU miner I wrote in 2010. I mined with it and sold copies of the software (I gave the source code to buyers, but the license prohibited redistribution.) It is of course useless today because miners abandoned GPUs and moved to ASICs, but I have since then released the source code as a historical artifact.


whitepixel is an open source GPU-accelerated password hash auditing software for AMD/ATI graphics cards.


hablog is the proof-of-concept high availability, distributed blogging platform that I use for my blog. See my post for more information. I am only releasing it because I expect people will ask me for the code. However I cannot emphasize enough how proof-of-concept, prototype-stage, poorly documented this code is. You have been warned :-)


bday is an implementation of the improved birthday search described in On Collisions for MD5, Marc Stevens, Master's Thesis, section 7.4, using a hand-optimized MD5 compression function written in AMD CAL IL (Compute Abstract Layer Intermediate Language) targetting the ATI Radeon HD 4000 series and higher GPUs.


cell-bf is A UNIX crypt() password bruteforcing tool developed and optimized for the Cell B.E. processor. The major advance resides in a new set of bitslice DES "S-Box circuits" that average 45.5 gates per S-box by using all the logical instructions of the SPU ISA. This allows the bruteforcer to fully exploit the SPU cores of the Cell processor.


CDN53 is a Chrome extension that uses DNS instead of HTTP to fetch web content. See my blog post about it.


qemudo is a Web interface to QEMU offering a way for users to access and control multiple virtual machines (guest systems) running on one or more remote physical machines (host systems).


unrarhp is a Unix command line brute forcer to recover the passwords of RAR archives encrypted with the RAR 3.x "-hp" option. This option, contrary to "-p", also encrypts the block headers and protects metadata such as filenames, etc. As of June 2010, unrarhp is the only RAR "-hp" brute forcer that is open source and free.


bpwd is a GNU/Linux tool that allow you to tweak bios supervisor passwords by accessing directly the nvram, aka the cmos-ram. It can find them with the help of bruteforce (all possible combinations of characters are tried), test a password list, or even simply enable/disable them by modifying bios settings.


geronimo is a free Unix/Win32 Netsoul client for use at Epita-Epitech. It has been created and maintained by Nicolas Delon up to the version 0.7.2. I am maintaining this project since November 2002.


Beaver is an Early AdVanced EditoR. It was the end-of-year project of my second year (InfoSpé) at EPITA. When the project began in January 2000, the developers team was composed of 3 students: Emmanuel Turquin, Damien Terrier and I. Currently, the project is maintained by Leslie Polzer and Michael Terry.


lceb finds all possible solutions to the mathematical game called "Le Compte est Bon", which is played in the french television programme "Des Chiffres et des Lettres".